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Five methods for Chinese medicine to lose weight for lazy people

Five methods for Chinese medicine to lose weight for lazy people

Five methods for Chinese medicine to lose weight for lazy people

In today’s society, obesity is already very common, and even children as young as school age have obesity.

Modern people lack sports, and those who work in the office often sit in the office and eat and eat. They are the leading cause of obesity.

Here we will introduce you through the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of lipid-lowering weight loss, about five major methods are as follows: First, the stomach and fat-fat method of obesity, mainly because of too much fat, oily sticky first sputum in the stomach, often 脘Abdominal fullness, phlegm and phlegm, taste turbid, greasy tongue and early use of hawthorn, barley malt, Laizizi and other skinny pants effect medicine and stomach to help digestion, very handy herbal medicine has long been used to eliminate lipid scaleThe traditional records include Jiao Sanxian, Baohe Pill, etc., especially in the traditional Chinese medicine pediatrics as a common drug. The hawthorn fruit is sold in the market. The hawthorn cake and the hawthorn bag are sweet and delicious. They can be carried with you, and they are easy to carry., can be regarded as the most complementary food therapy for lipid-lowering weight loss.

  Second, the blood circulation of people who are obese, excessive amounts of blood, easy to cause arteriosclerosis, especially heart, cerebrovascular disease, leading to the production of blood circulation drugs to expand the coronary artery, increase blood flow, reduce blood lipids, and preventPlaque formation and promotion of its regressive and retracting effects, but also see blood stasis, women can not be closed, or see the tongue with blue-purple spots, using blood circulation method, not only reduce fat and lose weight, but also cureIt is really the most common blood-activating and lipid-lowering drug commonly used in the United States: such as Angelica, Chuanxiong is the ancient buddha hand scattered, good at promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, is the first choice for Danshen, Gongtong Siwu (soup), a common medicine for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Red peony medicine, spatholobus sinensis can promote blood circulation and gluten, and it is suitable for the old Chinese medicine to lose weight and remedy the meridians and collaterals. Puhuang is good at promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. For the sputum, everyone can replace the commercially available Danshen package, compound Danshen package., Guanxin No.1 side, Guanxin No.2 side, etc. have the effect of promoting blood circulation and reducing blood fat.

  Third, the method of wide-breasted phlegm and blood stasis has the argument that “the fat man is more than sputum”. This kind of sputum refers to too much turbidity, that is, too many people have heavy anger, temperament, easy to lose temper, angryAs a result, high blood pressure, head swelling, brain pain and pain, sleep uneasy, yellow greasy tongue coating, dry stools and more heart, cerebrovascular disease encountered these symptoms, the replacement of wide chest phlegm method is most suitable.

  Commonly used drugs such as: melon, the ancient name of the tower, is the main medicine for wide-breasted phlegm, the commercially available melon bag is made with this flavor, can lower blood fat, especially good governance coronary heart disease melon barley and intestines, onIn the case of bonfire, the stool is especially suitable for white, that is, small garlic. It is often used in conjunction with melons. It is the famous doctor of the Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing, who used the treatment of chest pain and heartache, and used it for thousands of years.枳 俱 蔡 蔡 蔡 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林As the main prescription of Erchen Decoction as the main prescription for phlegm and dampness, it can cure all kinds of phlegm and blood stasis, repeated vomiting, or coughing, dizziness, convulsions and other symptoms.The soup is made of dried tangerine peel, which is orange peel. It has a fragrant smell. It can be used with both Chinese and qi, and it can also be used to reduce the fat and sell the dried tangerine peel and orange peel strips. It is indeed delicious, and it is also a good food for reducing fat.

  Fourth, the liver and gallbladder bile can be digested with hepatitis, cholecystitis, liver gallstones, people with insufficient bile secretion, often do not like to eat greasy meat, if not careful, eating can cause complications, liver and gallbladderHepatobiliary disease is indispensable, especially in patients with fecal liver. I usually use this method to obtain good results. The commonly used drugs for evacuating liver and gallbladder, such as: Yinchen, are special medicines for treating jaundice in Chinese medicine, and have good choleretic effects.Turmeric, turmeric, three drugs are the same medicine, can alleviate liver, choleretic, lipid-lowering, often with Yin Chen with a contract with a commercially available Clarins thin face cream called Baijin Pills made of turmeric, alum, two flavors, forChinese medicine for soothing liver and gallbladder, reducing lipid and turbidity, and having the function of calcifying stones, Chaihu Shugan San (Bupleurum, oyster shell, peony, licorice, fragrant, and tangerine peel) can be used as a common prescription.Reducing the Mingzi can clear the liver and improve eyesight, usually brewing tea and drinking it regularly, and it has the effect of diarrhea and liver to lower blood fat.

  Five, diuretic infiltration method Chinese medicine believes: wet Shengsheng sputum, water and moisture metabolism often mixed with blood, clear and turbid, blood lipids increase by diuretic osmosis method to reduce fat is one of the most stable methodsHypertensive hypertension, prescription to eat melon porridge every day, three meals a day do not interrupt the herbal literature cloud: melon is beneficial to water, and there is a “skinny bogey” record that the patient eats melon porridge, more and more urination every day, day 5?
After 6 months, the weight loss is 5 mm, and the blood pressure is also stable. I feel very happy that the winter melon seeds and the melon skin can be decoctioned. The waste is used as a common drug for diuresis and diarrhea. Recently, there is also a lipid-lowering effect., corn must have diuretic work, can be used for lipid-lowering medicinal.