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Acupuncture weight loss recipes let you eat thin _1

Acupuncture weight loss recipes let you eat thin _1

Acupuncture weight loss recipes let you eat thin

Acupuncture weight loss and diet will be better.

Introduce a simple acupuncture weight loss recipe for everyone, try it.

  Weight loss is now a problem that everyone prefers to lose weight, but the most popular way to lose weight when doing weight loss is acupuncture to lose weight, but acupuncture weight loss method is a way to lose weight through acupoints, then it is necessary to match a certain diet to the mostGood implementation of acupuncture to lose weight.

  Healthy weight loss methods should ensure the supply of essential nutrients for the human body. For example, adult protein is more than 1 gram per kilogram per day. It should be supplemented with sufficient vitamins, trace elements and water; reduce supplements and a few supplements.

Through acupuncture and weight loss treatment, activate excessive heat metabolism that is harmful to health in the body to supplement the normal energy needs of the human body.

In this way, too many unfortunate substances harmful to health in the body are gradually consumed, and the body weight will be gradually reduced, thereby achieving the purpose of weight loss.

Some people achieve rapid acupuncture weight loss goals, regardless of physical health, with harsh weight loss recipes, acupuncture is virtual hungry is true, such recipes are unqualified.

  Here is a list of acupuncture weight loss recipes for everyone’s reference: milk more than 1 cup a day: if the milk is not enough, the body will absorb the calcium in the bones to supplement, then the nail will produce luster, if you exercise, it is easy to get hurt.

One egg a day: Fresh eggs contain the high-quality protein and minerals that chicks need before hatching, which is also a daily essential nutrient for humans.

Aunt’s fish and meat are each one: a large palm or fish transfer is about 80 calories.

Fish, when the meat is not enough, it is easy to feel tired, the hair is dry, and even the body is not smooth.

  Beans and soy products: If you rely entirely on animal protein, you are prone to “civilized diseases”, so beans and soy products are essential.

Vegetables have at least a few of them in three meals a day: when there is not enough vegetable, the skin will lack luster, and it will start to “small acne”.

The average potato is one day: potato is a treasure trove of vitamin C and dietary fiber, and it is easy to get fullness and cooking methods. It is a good choice for acupuncture weight loss menu.

  Fruit one day: Vitamin C in vegetables loses 50% after cooking, and the fruit can be eaten in the freshest state.

However, most fruits contain high levels of sugar, so treat them as snacks or snacks.

  Acupuncture weight loss reference recipes are as follows: (a) breakfast eggs 1?
2, add 300ml of soy milk.

Or 1-2 eggs, 250ml milk, 1 and 2 whole wheat bread.

  (2) Chinese food: mainly eat protein and vegetables1.

Proteins: (1) Lean meat: rabbit, cow, sheep, chicken, etc. 150g or fish, seafood 200g (2) tofu 250g plus lean meat 100g (3) yellow bean sprouts 100g plus lean meat 100g or more is just a lunch protein food.


Vegetables 150g (three) dinner: dinner mainly eat vegetables 300?
400g can be mixed with boiled water: bean sprouts, celery, spinach, cauliflower, rape, cabbage and so on.

  Can be steamed with: eggplant and so on.

  Can be eaten raw: carrot, cucumber, tomato, radish, pear, orange, peach, etc.

  Vegetables that are good for weight loss are: melon, celery, eggplant, cucumber, tomato, carrot, cabbage, spinach, leeks, Chinese cabbage, coriander, bean sprouts, cauliflower, rape, mushrooms, etc.

  Fasting: chocolate, cakes, biscuits and other sugary, starchy foods.

Alcohol and various drinks.

  Stick to aerobic exercise sooner or later.

  Beijing weight loss network experts pointed out that the above acupuncture diet foods are appropriate reference, and I live in the north, so this recipe is more suitable for northerners.

Chinese medicine speaks dialectical treatment, and weight loss is also the same. It is necessary to formulate a weight loss plan according to the personal physique of the dieter.